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Familjens R?Ddning ("Save The Family" Herring Platter)

2 Fillets of canned matjes or

-pickled herring; drained 1/2 c Sour cream -=OR=-

1/4 c Sour cream & 1/4 c mayo

2 Eggs; hard-cooked, whites

-and yolks finely chopped -seperately 1 sm Cucumber; peeled, halved,

-seeded and finely chopped -=OR=- 1/2 c pickled cukes - (see recipe) 1/2 c Pickled beets; canned or

-fresh, finely chopped - (see recipe) 1/4 c Parsley; finely chopped

Arrange the herring fillets side by side on a long chilled platter. With a sharp, heavy knife, make diagonal cuts 1/2" apart through both fillets. Spread the sour cream (or sour cream and mayo combo) in a circle around the herring fillets. On the border of the platter, arrange alternate mounds of chopped egg white, chopped egg yolk, cucumbers, beets and parsley.

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