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Hebal Vingars

---------------------------JT'S SOUTHWEST VINGAR--------------------------- 8 c Dry basil leaves and blooms

2 Heads peeled garlic cloves

10 Dried red peppers

1 ga Red wine vinegar

----------------------------CHEF'S BLEND VINEGAR---------------------------- 4 c Dry rosemary

4 c Dry basil leaves

30 Stems of marjoram 6" long

2 Heads of garlic peeled

3 tb Crushed red pepper

1 ga Red wine vinegar

1. Put all the ingredients called for in the recipe of your choice,

except vinegar, in a one-gallon glass jar. 2. Heat the vinegar in a non-aluminum pot- but do not boil - and pour

about half over the herb mixture. 3.Crush and bruise the herbs with a wooden spoon to release their

flavor into the vingar. Top off the jar with the remaining vinegar. 4. Cover the glass jar with a non-metallic lid and store in a cool, dry

place for two weeks. Strain the vinegar and pour into display bottles. Add sprigs of fresh herbs to each bottle for visual interest if desired.

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