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How To Use a Breadmaker

JUDY GARNETT pjxg05a 1. Try using Rapid Rise yeast and check the date on it when you buy

it. Keep it in the refrigerator and always BRING IT TO ROOM TEMP.BEFORE USING IT. I have been using bulk yeast lately because it's more economical. I use 2 1/2 level tsp.of the bulk yeast in lieu of a pkg of yeast. (This is for the 3 Cup DAK). 2.Use BREAD flour instead of all- purpose flour. It has more gluten.

If you are using "darker" flours such as rye, whole wheat etc., use at least 1 c. white BREAD flour along with the other flours, and try using 1 tsp. vital wheat gluten for each cup of flour called for in the recipe. At times, I also use a 1 tsp. lecitihin for each cup of flour. It helps the elasticity and rise of the bread. If you can't find either product, call all your local health food stores. Drug Stores often have lecithin near the vitamins. 3.Check to see that all liquid ingreds. are not too hot or cold.--95

to 110 degrees is about right. I use a very unscientific method for the warm water and milk. I run hot water from the tap and give it the "bath water for baby" test on the wrist. Have your other ingreds. such as eggs and butter at ROOM temp. If the ingreds. are too hot or cold it may kill the yeast. 4. The key to using the auto- breadmaker is to have the correct

proportion of flour to liquid. After the dough has kneaded for a few minutes in the breadmaker, look in and see if there is ONE ball of dough which is incorporating most of the flour from the sides of the pan. While it's in its first knead (BEFORE it goes into the fermentation and touch the dough lightly. It should be in one soft ball. If your finger has sticky dough on it, add a Tablespoon of flour. Let it knead a minute and touch it again and check to see if it's still sticky. Keep adding a tablespoon at a time ONLY until it's no longer sticky, DON'T OVERDO IT. It should be a nice "soft" ball. If it just makes a slight indentation and doesn't look crusty, it's probably about right. If it feels too dry or is in two or more balls, OR if the BM seems to be laboring or is "walking", add a tablespoon at a time of WARM water. PLEASE DON'T ADD TOO MUCH LIQUID. If you add too much liquid in proportion to the flour, the dough may rise too much and overflow. (Your bread won't be done in the center either) 5.If you look in and see that the dough is threatening to rise up over the top of the bread pan, don't panic, poke it a few times with a toothpick, skewer, fork,etc. until it deflates. 05/31 12:54 pm LOREL FOOD AND WINE BB TOPIC: BREADS BY MACHINE TIME: 05/31 1:05 PM TO: LORELI AGUDA (WSKD49A) FROM: LORELI AGUDA (WSKD49A) SUBJECT: MM:BREADMAKER MEGA

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