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Lemon Chocolate Bars ( Part 1 )

-------------------------CHOCOLATE SHORTBREAD BASE------------------------- 10 tb Butter; cold

1/3 c Powdered Sugar

1/3 c Sugar

1/4 c Unsweetened Cocoa

1 c Flour

-----------------------------LEMON CURD TOPPING----------------------------- 4 lg Egg Yolks

3/4 c Sugar

3 oz Lemon Juice

- about 2-1/2 lemons 4 tb Butter

pn Salt 2 ts Lemon Zest

---------------------------ORANGE GANACHE TOPPING--------------------------- 1 oz Bittersweet Chocolate;

-Finely Chopped 2 tb Heavy Cream

1 1/2 ts Grand Marnier

Heat oven to 325~F. Use 8x8" pan and line bottom and two sides with a 8x16" strip of foil. Whisk together the sugars and cocoa. In a large

bowl, cream the butter and cocoa mixture until light and fluffy. Mix in the flour, adding in two parts, until incorporated. Pat dough into prepared pan. Use fork to prick dough all over. Bake for 40 minutes. While shortbread is baking, prepare the Topping.

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