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Mix & Match Cereal Gorp *

---------------------------------BILLS20086--------------------------------- ----------------------------CEREALS - 3 CUPS OF---------------------------- Cheerios Cinnamon toast crunch Country corn flakes Golden grahams Kix Trix Wheaties ------------------------------NUTS - 1 CUP OF------------------------------ Almonds Mixed nuts Peanuts Pecans Pumpkin seeds Sunflower seeds Walnuts -----------------------------FRUITS - 1 CUP OF----------------------------- Banana chips Dates; chopped Currants Dried apricots Dried fruit bits Flaked coconut Raisins --------------------------SWEET EXTRAS - 1 CUP OF-------------------------- Butterscotch chips M&M's Reeses' pieces Chocolate chips Mini marshmallows Peanut butter chips Vanilla milk chips Choose one from each category or a combination of more than one, totaling amount for that group. Cereal: 3 cups of, nuts: 1 cup of, fruits: 1 cup of, sweet extras: 1 cup of. Store in airtight containers.

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