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Mongolian Beef # 2

1 lb Flank steak

2 tb Peanut oil

2 tb Chopped garlic

2 Green onions,slivered

1 ts Salt

2 ts Sugar

2 ts Hin soy sauce

1 tb Oyster sauce

Pepper 1 tb Wine (I suggest sherry)

1 1/2 tb Cornstarch

1/4 c Chicken stock

2 tb Hoisin sauce

2 ts Catsup

1/2 ts Crushed red chili pepper

~------------------------------SAUCE------------------- ~- 1. Cut steak across grain into strips about 2 in. long , and very thin. 2.Add seasoning to meat. 3.Combine sauce ingredients and mix well. 4.Heat wok. Add oil. Add garlic and cook quickly. 5.Add beef and onions and stir-fry until tender. 6.Add sauce mixture. Mix and cook about 1 Min. This is from Jennie Low's

cook book "Chopstick,Cleaver, and wok.

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