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Potato Chowder

4 c Potatoes; peel & dice

1/2 c Onion; finely chopped

1 c Carrot; grated

1 ts Salt; optional

1/4 ts Pepper

1 tb Dried parsley; flakes

4 ts Chicken bouillon; low sodium

; vegetarian 6 c Skim milk

1/2 c Flour, all-purpose

Paprika; sprinkle Recipe by: The Mormon Diet Cookbook Preparation Time: 1:00 In lg Dutch oven or kettle, combine potatoes, onion, carrot, salt, pepper, parsley flakes and bouillon. Add enough water to just cover veggies; cook until veggies are tender, about 15 - 20 min. Do not drain. Measure 1 1/2 C milk and add flour to milk, stirring with wire whisk. Stir until blended. Simmer for 15 min on low heat and thicken. Garnish with paprika. From Fatfree Digest April-May 1994, Formatting by Sue Smith (using MMCONV)

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