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White Fudge

1 1/3 c Sugar

1/2 c Butter or margarine

2/3 c Non-dairy liquid coffee

Cream 1/8 t Salt

1/2 lb White chocolate coating-

(wafers or block chocolate, Finely chopped) 2 c Miniature marshmallows

1/2 t Vanilla

Dipping chocolate (optional) Excellently flavored, easy to make creamy white fudge. Cook first 4 ingredients without stirring to 238 degrees F. Remove from heat and add the next 3 ingredients. Blend well. Pack into a 9-inch square pan. When partially cool, cut into squares. Other colors of chocolate (pink, green, yellow, butterscotch) can be added instead of white. adding appropriate flavoring, fruits or nuts. The fudge can be packed in pans and cut in squares or bars, or rolled in a log and sliced, then dipped in chocolate. Makes about 64 pieces.

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